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D-Link Structured Cabling. ... We at D-Link bring to you the best-in class Structured Cabling solution that offer highest quality and performance. D-Link end-to- end Structured Cabling solution is a perfect choice for any business looking to build an intelligent business network.

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D-Link Products  - Multimode Fiber Cables

D-Link Products - Multimode Fiber Cables stock list

D-link Optic Fiber Connectors

An Optic fiber Connector terminates the end of an optic fiber cable and enables quicker conenction a[...]

Fixed LIU - Fixed Light Interface Unit - Rack Mount in LIU | D-Link

D-Link 19-inch Fixed Optical Fiber Interconnection Units are the smaller basic patch panel & cabinet[...]

D-link LIU 12 PORT Rack Mount – UnLoaded NLU-FXXUXXR-12

The D-Link Wall Mount LIU is a modular enclosure that provides cross-connect and interconnect capabi[...]

Phone, TV & data sockets

Access to data Reliable access to data or the internet and flexible use of modern audio and video[...]

D-Link Cat 6 Networking Cable UTP 305Mt

D-Link Cat6 cables reduce crosstalk and system noise. The superior insulation around the 23 AWG cop[...]

D-Link 6 Core Single Mode Armoured Ofc Cable(Multicolour)

UnArmoured Optic Fiber Cables D-Link UnArmoured Optic Fiber Cables are protected by Glass-yarn in t[...]

Tight Buffered OFC

Tight Buffered Optic Fiber Cable In Tight Buffered OFC the buffer is the first layer of protection [...]

D-Link OM4 Fiber OFC Cable at Rs 12000 /unit | OFC Cable, Optical

OM4 OFC D-Link OM4 Fiber is laser-optimized, high bandwidth 50um multimode fiber protected by Gla[...]

Simplex Fiber Optic Pigtail by D-Link , SC Connector

Optic Fiber Pigtails D-Link offers quality optical fiber pigtails which are single ended with connec[...]

Cat6 UTP 24AWG Cable Rolls NCB-C6UGRYR-305-24 - D-Link

Cat6 UTP 24AWG Cable Rolls NCB-C6UGRYR-305-24 | 4 Pairs Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cable Conduc[...]

CAT6 UTP - CAT6 UTP 23AWG Solid:305M in Cables | D-Link

CAT6 UTP - CAT6 UTP 23AWG Solid:305M in Cables | D-Link Category 6A is the last standard from TIA f[...]

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